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Today, companies must continue to be top-performing while taking part in the ecological and energy transition. What if this were an opportunity rather than a constraint?

Because we think that this new equilibrium is one of the keys to the future, we bring you the answers you need with Mobilize.

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The Limo isn’t for sale. Explore a taxi and chauffeur-driven passenger vehicle solution that combines both a vehicle and a service package. Fully electric, comfortable, and well-equipped to meet the challenges of modern cities, Limo is taking ride-hailing transport into a new era

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how to develop your transportation services?

how to develop your transportation services?

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batteries as a source of green energy?

batteries as a source of green energy?

there are ways to make them key parts of the urban ecology

charging an electric vehicle more easily?

charging an electric vehicle more easily?

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For those of you who have decided that your company or organization needs to increase performance while cutting costs tied to mobility and energy, Mobilize analyzes your needs and designs tailored, sustainable and profitable solutions for your employees, customers and deliveries.

With Mobilize, you can free yourself from having to manage a fleet of vehicles for your professional needs or obtain profit from it by making it available to your employees; you can also implement optimal charging solutions and even power your sites with low-carbon energy. And if you’re a mobility operator, Mobilize proposes turnkey services. Learn all about it on this page


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Car-sharing is on the rise

When it comes to consumer trends in automotives, habits are changing: more and more customers are increasingly interested in how they use rather a vehicle rather than owning it.
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Mobilize develops concrete solutions to facilitate the ecological transition

connected services to encourage EV uptake and energy storage solutions using EV batteries to promote the use of renewable energy
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Mobilize Limo: a subscription-based all-new all-electric sedan for ride-hailing

the first Mobilize model, Limo, is the response of our new brand to the evolution of the ride-hailing market.
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