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The future is being invented in regions at various levels. The growing importance of towns and cities and the return to a local focus are encouraging the development of solutions that are both ambitious and adapted to personal lifestyle.

By taking into account regions and those who live in them, we can invent new ways of living together.

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stationary storage: batteries at the service of renewable energies

stationary storage: batteries at the service of renewable energies

what if we focused on electric vehicle batteries to accelerate the energy transition?

mobility on all scales

mobility on all scales

some solutions in line with the energy transition in a small, medium or large city…

how to improve the energy mix in geographic regions

how to improve the energy mix in geographic regions

real solutions are beginning to be developed, especially in the transportation sector

successfully create an energy-autonomous “smart island”

successfully create an energy-autonomous “smart island”

Porto Santo, on track for its energy transition

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For those of you who are convinced that the administrative area you are committed to (your district, your city, your area… or even your island) must be able to reconcile all the components of quality of life for its inhabitants, Mobilize will help you analyze the individual and collective issues in your locality.

We reuse electric car batteries to increase the proportion of green energy in your electricity mix. We capture data to optimize your flows. We propose fleets of electric cars that can be shared and are open to all. And this is only the beginning.

we offer full evaluation of each territory specific mobility (car sharing, on-demand transit, last mile delivery…) and energy needs (power and battery solutions) in order to design, implement and manage custom global solutions in order to improve citizens quality of life


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an innovative way of tackling the challenges of urban delivery services

Mobilize co-constructing the future of last-mile delivery solutions in the field
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expo 2020 dubai: Mobilize takes you on a carbon-free journey

future mobility must be smart, greener, more accessible, shared more, by all and for all, everywhere in a more sustainable world.
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Mobilize develops concrete solutions to facilitate the ecological transition

the first Mobilize model, Limo is the response of our new brand to the evolution of the ride-hailing market.
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