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Mobilize showcases technology. At the Viva Technology show, Mobilize gave visitors a taste of 2024 with its look into the future of energy services and its vision of mobility connectivity.

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2030: What if the future of mobility was rural?

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are NFTs the future of used cars?

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how the electric car is keeping pace with new forms of mobility

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Mobilize decodes the major challenges of our time. Find out all the interventions of experts and their analyses of tomorrow’s mobility… Browse the Mobilize content library!

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mobility for every profile… together towards Ø CO2!

Mobilize develops intuitive mobility solutions that simplify daily life and that help drive the energy transition

individuals and companies

individuals and companies

With its technological platform and extensive expertise in energy-related services, Mobilize provides comprehensive and flexible solutions for everyone.

people mobility operators

people mobility operators

Mobilize has designed a range of solutions to simplify daily life of those who make mobility their profession.

urban logistic operators

urban logistic operators

Mobilize services designed for artisans and logistics providers are focused on their specific needs.


Mobilize Duo

Mobilize Duo is more than just a car. It’s a mobile revolution. This compact, electric, connected and shared vehicle throws all the conventional automotive codes out the window to unveil a new way to get around the city.

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explore the hottest trends in the future of mobility and don’t miss out on the latest news

Mobilize V2G: where the future electric Renault 5 becomes a source of energy

The combinaison between the R5’s bidirectional charger, the Mobilize Powerbox bidirectional charging station, the Mobilize electricity contract and the Mobilize V2G service, eases the integration of renewable energies into the energy mix.
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Gianluca De Ficchy is appointed CEO of Mobilize

As of February 1st, 2023, he is responsible for Mobilize Financial Services and Mobilize Beyond Automotive brands, in order to confirm the development of Renault Group in new mobilities, supported by automotive financing services.
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the Software République and the Région Île-de-France launch the “AI for Urban Mobility” challenge

This Call for Projects is aimed at researchers, innovators, start-ups, and anyone who knows how to process data and wants to improve urban and peri-urban mobility in the Île-de-France region.
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