Mobilize is inventing the mobility of the future, from smartphones to vehicles, from charging stations to batteries…. These new forms of mobility make use of technological advances to simplify daily life and accelerate the energy transition.

Mobilize, une marque activiste

Mobilize, an activist brand

A revolution in the service of sustainable mobility. Because building the future requires the will to succeed, the Mobilize ecosystem is committed to offering cleaner, safer, more accessible mobility.
mobilize x renault group

Mobilize x Renault Group

Mobilize within the Renault Group, for enhanced benefits – With Mobilize, Renault Group is embarking on a new era of mobility. Smart, use-focused mobility based on a technological ecosystem and true expertise in the energy sector.

Mobilize vehicles

Vehicles designed for services – With their integral service package, Mobilize vehicles are 100% electric, connected and robust, having been designed for intensive transport or car-sharing uses.
solutions de mobilité

Mobilize solutions

Comprehensive and flexible services, adapted to each need – When it comes to mobility, each individual now expects a personalised, on-demand service. Mobilize solutions are focused on vehicle use and the related services.

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mobility services

Where to rent a car for a few days or a few hours? How to pay less for recharging your car? Where to recharge while on holiday in Spain? How to install a recharging device at home? Mobilize answers all these questions with services accessible to all and tailor-made solutions.

battery life cycle

After a good ten years or so, the battery may no longer be efficient enough to power an electric vehicle. But that’s no problem! Find out how Mobilize gives batteries a second life, helping to preserve resources and drive the energy transition.


Mobilize identifies the challenges that can transform every individual’s relationship with mobility, and provides solutions to make life easier ! The brand’s latest news and varied content highlight both major trends and smaller breakthroughs.