comprehensive and flexible services, adapted to each need

Mobilize is much more than a mobility offering. Far from the traditional model centred on vehicle ownership, this brand promotes the “Vehicle-as-a-Service” (VaaS) model: an integrated offering based around the vehicle, technology and services. Mobilize provides its customers with vehicles combined with services.

Buy, lease or rent a vehicle. In the past, these three models were the “standard” options for “owning” a car, whether temporarily, over the long-term or permanently. However, since the emergence of the subscription model, the automotive industry has been forced to adapt and is currently undergoing a major transformation, as with other sectors such as music, media, hospitality, etc. All these industries have been disrupted by progress in the digital sector, driven by technological innovations and changing customer behaviours. The success of these innovations means that customers now expect personalised, on-demand services at the touch of a button.

VaaS as the “fourth gateway” to the car. Mobilize offers a VaaS model with the flexibility that users expect: short subscription periods and a range of vehicles and services.


Mobilize simplifies the movement of people and goods, making life easier for all involved. There are obvious benefits for everyone and this is expected to have a multi-level impact on the energy transition.



It all starts with the vehicles that, linked to technologies, offer personalized services tailored to all travel needs.


software ecosystem

The vehicles are linked to a digital ecosystem developed through the unique technological know-how of Renault Group, the start-ups in its network and the Mobilize experts. Personalised support is guaranteed for every user, whether a transport professional or end customer.


financial services

The expertise of Mobilize Financial Services and its recognised excellence in customer relations.



A range of insurance products offered by Mobilize Financial Services and tailored to every use, ensuring peace of mind without any unexpected fees.



Payment solutions developed by Mobilize Financial Services to simplify customers’ daily lives, both on and off the road.


energy services

Mobilize services that can help everyone switch to electric by making charging easier whether at home, at work or out on the road.


maintenance and repair

The group’s automotive expertise at the service of Mobilize customers; with warranties and warranty extensions from Mobilize Financial Services also provided.

towards new mobilities

Mobilize, an activist brand

Because building the future requires the will to succeed, the Mobilize ecosystem is committed to offering cleaner, safer, more accessible mobility.

Mobilize vehicles

At the heart of a range of services, Mobilize vehicles – 100% electric, connected, safe and robust – are designed for intensive use in transport or car-sharing. particularly suited to journeys in urban and suburban areas.

Mobilize x Renault Group

With Mobilize, Renault Group is embarking on a new era of mobility. Smart, use-focused mobility based on a technological ecosystem and true expertise in the energy sector.