car-sharing for all

A major revolution is underway in the car industry: from now on, cars will no longer be owned, but shared… And people don’t just rent vehicles from agencies anymore: they can be accessed via self-service and are available 24/7, simply geolocate the car nearest to you and travel whenever you like.

Zity by Mobilize
Zity by Mobilize is a self-service car-sharing offer with no specific pick-up or drop-off points and free registration. Everything is managed – vehicle location, booking, unlocking and payment – via its dedicated smartphone app, and you can choose to enjoy a vehicle for one minute or up to 3 days.
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Mobilize Share is a complete mobility solution which includes renting the vehicle, its energy supply and insurance, via a 100% digital system. The first component of the Mobilize Share service is car-sharing, through vehicle rental from pick-up stations or via the Renault Group network. The second component involves easy access to replacement vehicles through the Renault Group after-sales service. Mobilize Share meets the transport needs of both private and professional customers, offering rentals from one hour to one month.
GLIDE.IO offers car-sharing services to optimise the fleet management of companies. As a result, car-sharing can meet all employee’s professional and personal mobility needs.


The new era in mobility is all about sharing! Vehicles are now accessible in just a few clicks via your smartphone, and can be picked up from a nearby street or a rental agency. With the Vehicle-as-a-Service model, you only get the best of car mobility, without any of the drawbacks.