last mile delivery services suited to city centres

How can the boom in last-mile delivery services be reconciled with the imperative need for eco-friendly solutions and traffic restrictions, especially in major cities? Mobilize is reinventing logistics and transport solutions to move them towards carbon neutrality. Mobilize services designed for artisans and logistics providers are focused on their specific needs.

urban logistics operators and professionals

Mobilize applies all its technological expertise to support those who transport and deliver goods every day. Based on the “Vehicle-as-a-Service” model, its data-driven approach offers route optimisation, vehicle geolocation, and predictive maintenance and repairs. Itineraries are updated in real time to avoid delays and reduce the company’s costs.

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financing and insurance solutions

Delivery services are an increasingly common trend, so Mobilize offers financing solutions to meet the specific challenges of urban logistics operators. From choosing the vehicle acquisition method to its insurance, discover solutions to take advantage of an optimal work tool.
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fleet management

Mobilize offers all-in-one solutions with integrated services for all your needs, to simplify your daily life and optimise your costs. These services are designed to enhance the use of delivery vehicles: in the future, Bento and Hippo; and soon, adapted Renault Group vehicles.

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individuals and companies

Mobilize develops sustainable mobility services for everyone. Would you like to know the optimal way of charging your electric vehicle? Would you like to try car-sharing? Or do you need to install charging stations at home or at work? Mobilize is at your service.

people mobility operators

Are you renting, insuring, financing, or no doubt, ensuring the profitability of your vehicle fleet? Mobilize offers specialist services, whether for chauffeur-driven vehicle operators or car-sharing organisations, as the essential players in travel for everyone. From optimising travel distances to connecting with customers or installing charging systems, we offer turnkey solutions.