a revolution in the service of sustainable mobility

Mobilize, an activist brand

Society is changing at an increasingly fast pace. Consumers have different expectations, focused more on transport use and less on the car itself. They are looking for easier, cleaner and more affordable ways to get around. Stricter traffic regulations are being enforced to reduce CO2 emissions. We all have a responsibility to make the transition to carbon neutrality and this is a key focus of Mobilize’s activity.

This new era, characterised by resource sharing and decarbonisation, is an opportunity to come together to develop new forms of behaviour. Whether for individuals, companies, taxi and ride hailing services or logistics professionals, Mobilize has developed customised solutions to support you. 

Mobility in general, and particularly the automotive sector, are key to society’s transformation. The role of Mobilize is to identify new challenges and anticipate trends. It is also a certain state of mind and way of working, namely as part of a dynamic technological ecosystem comprised of start-ups and partners. Mobilize is intended to make Renault Group evolve in the world of new mobility.
“Mobilize aims to offer its customers simple and flexible services for more sustainable, accessible and affordable mobility.”
Fedra Ribeiro
CEO of Mobilize

Mobilize represents a complete ecosystem comprised of the best in tech, engineering, design, services and finance, enhanced with the expertise of Renault Group, its start-ups and partners. Mobilize’s packaged and flexible offers facilitate mobility, for individuals, companies, transport operators and goods delivery operators.