at VivaTechnology 2022, Clotilde Delbos, CEO of Mobilize, talks about the creation of the Mobilize brand and its “Vehicle-as-a-Service” model

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Our specialists present the new energy solutions designed to facilitate the journey of electric vehicle users, explain how data is at the service of cities and citizens, but also that used batteries can – through mobile storage – have a second life. Discover three cross interviews between Mobilize experts and their partners!

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together towards Ø CO2

Mobilize develops intuitive mobility solutions that simplify daily life and that help drive the energy transition

individuals and companies

individuals and companies

With its technological platform and extensive expertise in energy-related services, Mobilize provides comprehensive and flexible solutions for everyone.

people mobility operators

people mobility operators

Mobilize has designed a range of solutions to simplify daily life of those who make mobility their profession.

urban logistic operators

urban logistic operators

Mobilize services designed for artisans and logistics providers are focused on their specific needs.



Mobilize Limo

key figures about the only car that’s not for sale: what offer ? for whom? and especially for when?

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Cabify rolls out the first fleet of 40 Mobilize Limo in Madrid

This multi-mobility platform becomes the world’s first customer of Mobilize Driver Solutions
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RCI Bank and Services becomes Mobilize Financial Services, a unique commercial brand to meet all customers car-related and mobility needs.

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Mobilize geared to tackle mobility in Italy head on

In 2021, Italy became the first country in Europe to host the all-electric car-sharing service – Mobilize Share – rolled out in Bergamo with the support of a local dealership.
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