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Innovating in open ecosystems to offer
management services for mobility, energy and data? Mobilize is showcasing the full breadth of its expertise at the
VivaTech Expo.

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achieving Ø CO2 together

Mobilize means shared mobility and carbon-free energy in a secure environment

for individuals

for individuals

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, Mobilize helps you score the carbon zero goal with zero hassle

for companies

for companies

For those of you who are pulling the levers at a company that’s constantly having to reinvent itself, Mobilize has a range of business services just for you.

for regions

for regions

The quest for “quality of life” happens in multiplayer mode. Mobilize customizes to accommodate any local conditions.

Mobilize has flexible end-to-end management solutions for mobility, energy and data. What are the objectives? To meet the needs of consumers, businesses, cities and regions, to make everyone’s life easier and speed up the energy transition.

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Mobilize at Viva Technology: speeches not to be missed

At VivaTech, Mobilize will offer a rich programme of talks (in English) by the brand’s experts, customers and partners.
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“With Mobilize, we are planning the future of mobility.”

Clotilde Delbos, CEO of Mobilize, looks back at the origin and the challenges awaiting this latest cornerstone of the Renault Group’s strategy.
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Mobilize rolls out Mobilize Power Solutions

in 11 countries across Europe
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