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For Mobilize, sustainable mobility is essential! Especially when protecting the environment means motorists can drive with total peace of mind. Mobilize develops services to simplify maintenance and extend the functional life of the vehicle, preventing the constant need for new products.

From MOTs to mechanical, electrical or electronic repairs, maintenance contracts and repair warranties make Mobilize customers lives easier. To maintain its vehicles and vehicles associated with its services, Mobilize can rely on the Renault Group after-sales network and its 6,000 points of contact for users throughout Europe.

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Known as the “Flins Refactory”, Renault Group’s plant near Paris is the first automotive industrial site to focus on the circular economy. As a result, Mobilize not only offers energy-related services based on second-life electric vehicle batteries, it has developed ways to extend the life of vehicles to supply the second-hand market.

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Based on Renault Group’s expertise, Mobilize has adopted the circular economy model, reducing its consumption of new natural resources. Maintenance services extend the automotive lifespan. What’s more, when a vehicle comes to the end of its product life, its components can be reused through reconditioning.