supporting professional mobility businesses

Each day, billions of people are on the move, whether on personal or professional trips, alone or in groups and travelling for ten minutes or several hours. Journeys that involve individual drivers, professional chauffeurs and, of course, passengers. To meet all these different needs, Mobilize has designed a range of solutions to simplify daily life, especially for those who make mobility their profession.

people mobility operators

To meet your customers’ changing needs and fulfil your profitability and efficiency obligations, Mobilize offers turnkey or customised solutions. Vehicles designed for your specific uses, car subscription offers, service packages ranging from maintenance to support, to innovative charging solutions. Mobilize is committed to supporting your business.

taxis vtc mobilize

taxis or ride-hailing services

Mobilize develops services tailored to the needs of taxi and chauffeur-driven car companies. The aim is to optimise journeys by connecting users, drivers and fleet managers, and to facilitate vehicle charging through personalised support.
opérateur d'autopartage

car-sharing operators

From now on, cars will not be owned, but rather shared. Vehicles are not just rented from agencies: they can be geolocated and accessed via self-service operations, available 24/7. Mobilize’s white-label solutions have been designed specifically for car-sharing professionals, to optimise your business and your end customers’ experience.
recharge mobilize

smart charging

Electric mobility is a key focus of the Mobilize brand which is facilitating its adoption with the ultimate in customised charging solutions. Whether professional chauffeurs or car-sharing operators, Mobilize offers a wide range of charging options at your disposal.
financement et assurance mobilize

financing and insurance

If you’re a professional driver looking for a work vehicle or a carsharing operator aiming to establish a fleet, Mobilize has the perfect financing and insurance solution for you.

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