Mobilize within Renault Group, for enhanced benefits

Renault Group’s strengths are the driving force behind the Mobilize revolution. The innovations developed as a result are reinventing the carmaker’s vision of mobility.

Renault Group, a trailblazer in sustainable mobility

With Mobilize, Renault Group aims to reduce its environmental impact, knowing that the automotive industry accounts for 15% of CO2 emissions in Europe. Mobilize provides the means to make the shift towards carbon neutrality, by offering solutions for both emission-free transport and a less carbon-intensive electricity mix.

Mobilize is redesigning mobility, where the digital transformation and the energy transition converge, having identified two additional challenges: On average, vehicles are left unused more than 90% of the time, and they lose 50% of their value over 3 years, creating a significant financial shortfall between use and cost.

Mobilize has overcome these three issues with its new “Vehicle-as-a-Service” model, a set of services whose design begins with the vehicle and a complete technological platform.

Mobilize, a new brand for a new paradigm shift

Mobilize is the fourth Renault Group brand and the first launched in 120 years. Its comprehensive, modular and flexible offering is shaping the future of travel, where the car is no longer the ultimate solution.

“Mobilize is one of the major building-blocks of our Renaulution! A new-generation automotive company: we now start with services and go to the product, we go from digital technology to the object and not the other way around! The transition to electric vehicles is accelerating the change. Mobilize’s mission is to be Renault Group’s pivot to the future of mobility and to new value-creating activities.”
Luca de Meo
CEO, Renault Group


This quote from Luca de Meo summarises Renault Group’s aim to stay ahead of the game in these changing times. This “Renaulution” represents a true paradigm shift, taking the group beyond automotive.

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Joining forces

Mobilize is leveraging all of the Renault Group’s know-how, with its 120 years of automotive expertise and ten years of leadership in the electric sector. Teams within the group have been working on new mobility services for a long time, as well as on vehicle charging and energy, based on data analysis from engineering and vehicle use.

For Mobilize, Renault Group’s technological assets are invaluable, from the automotive data platform designed by Renault Digital to its innovation ecosystem, expanded by Software République in 2021.

Mobilize works with an ecosystem of startups that have developed unique core technologies in the transport sector.

This competitive edge is bolstered by the financial expertise of Renault Group’s subsidiary, Mobilize Financial Services (RCI Banque SA). With its 100 years’ experience and stable profitability, Mobilize Financial Services provides a solid foundation: operating in 36 countries with 4 million customers, it can open the door to new frontiers for Mobilize.

Mobilize is also backed by the Renault Group dealer network, with 6,000 contact points supporting customers throughout Europe.

Renault Group’s Refactory, based in Flins, provides solutions for reusing electric vehicle batteries. Mobilize has vastly enhanced its energy-related services thanks to this investment in a sustainable future.