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For car-sharing and on-demand transport providers, electric mobility is the best way to cover those miles. That’s why Mobilize offers charging solution that are suited to any journey. Whether on-site or on the road, you can make the most of our practical charging services.

smart charge
Mobilize smart charge
Mobilize Smart Charge is the intelligent, economical and sustainable vehicle charging app, helping you to access electricity at the best possible price. Via artificial intelligence, you can optimise the cost of charging your Renault at home, while reducing your carbon footprint.
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charge pass
Mobilize Charge Pass
Mobilize Charge Pass is the exclusive key helping you to navigate the largest network of electric charging stations in Europe, so that you can charge your electric vehicle wherever you are, with total ease!
mobilize power solutions
Mobilize power solutions
Mobilize Power Solutions supports professionals in realising their projects to install charging solutions for all brands of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Its customised services are designed to cover all the needs of people mobility operators.

Mobilize offers simple and efficient charging to all those who make mobility their business. With its range of services, the sky’s the limit for electric vehicles.