A new mobility experience

Are you ready to make the change ? Mobilize is ready to guide you. Mobilize develops turnkey, personalised mobility solutions. Intuitive solutions that simplify daily life according to your personal situation and needs and that help drive the energy transition. Mobilize also represents technological expertise enhanced through innovative partnerships. Discover the range of services.

entering a new era of mobility

Mobilize designs solutions which leverage technology, energy, maintenance, and insurance to enhance smart mobility. Whether for individuals, employees or entrepreneurs, Mobilize has the perfect services for you.

individuals and companies

Mobilize develops sustainable mobility services for everyone. Would you like to know the optimal way of charging your electric vehicle ? Would you like to try car-sharing ? Or do you need to install charging stations at home or at work? Mobilize is at your service.

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people mobility operators

are you renting, insuring, financing, or no doubt, ensuring the profitability of your vehicle fleet ? Mobilize offers specialist services, whether for chauffeur-driven vehicle operators or car-sharing organisations, as the essential players in travel for everyone.  From optimising travel distances to connecting with customers or installing charging systems, we offer turnkey solutions.

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urban logistics operators and professionals

Mobilize is adept at meeting the needs of last mile delivery professionals. With a unique ecosystem, its comprehensive, custom-built solutions and services are designed to facilitate the transport of goods and are compatible with new urban policies.

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explore Mobilize

Moving toward carbon neutrality, Mobilize is a new type of brand whose vision for mobility goes beyond the car. Thanks to a comprehensive technological ecosystem, Mobilize turns the vehicle into a true platform for services, including energy solutions.

battery life cycle

After a good ten years or so, the battery may no longer be efficient enough to power an electric vehicle. But that’s no problem! Find out how Mobilize gives batteries a second life, helping to preserve resources and drive the energy transition.


Mobilize identifies the challenges that can transform every individual’s relationship with mobility, and provides solutions to make life easier! The brand’s latest news and varied content highlight both major trends and smaller breakthroughs.