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Mobilize not only designs vehicles that are reinventing the concept of mobility, it offers new vehicle charging solutions to support changes in use. Connected, accessible and efficient: discover charging the Mobilize way.

smart charge
Mobilize smart charge
Mobilize Smart Charge is the intelligent charging app used to automatically charge your Renault vehicle at times when electricity is at its cheapest. Through artificial intelligence, you can reduce your electricity bill, get rewards and play your part in a more sustainable future by promoting renewable energy use.
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mobilize power solutions
Mobilize power solutions
Are you a private customer? Mobilize Power Solutions can provide support to install a home charging solution for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Are you a business owner? Mobilize Power Solutions supports professionals in realising their projects to install charging solutions for all brands of electrified vehicles, whether at their premises or their employees’ homes.
charge pass
Mobilize charge pass
Mobilize Charge Pass is the exclusive key that unlocks access to over 500,000 charging points across 25 European countries. Using the app and the route planner, you can locate and select the best charging station according to your journey, check the charging conditions of your vehicle and pay via a simple digital process.

Efficient, available charging wherever you are? That’s the experience offered by Mobilize charging services, helping you to save money and travel with total peace of mind. Charging your electric vehicle has never been so easy: you can access all the solutions developed by Mobilize from your smartphone, making your life that much simpler.