multiple uses for batteries

Batteries have many lives. After nearly ten years of reliable service in an electric vehicle, a battery can be used for another ten years outside the vehicle. Its remaining energy storage capacity is sufficient for requirements less demanding than automotive propulsion. Mobilize gives the battery a second life and thus postpones the recycling phase.


electric vehicle battery life cycle

After their automotive life, batteries can be repurposed for new applications for many years to come. 

Whether it’s powering construction tools, a river tourism boat or a cooling box, find out how Mobilize is reusing lithium-ion batteries!

bringing green electricity to the grid is possible

batteries have more power than you might think. What if some of them were reused to power the national grid and compensate for the intermittency of low-carbon electricity production from renewable energy sources? Mobilize makes this possible with the Advanced Battery Storage. Read about it here.

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mobile, simple, non-polluting, small-unit electrical storage has it all

Mobilize and betteries are developing modular electricity storage, which makes it possible to supply electricity to mobile equipment, for example for outdoor use. The units, called “betterPacks”, comprise battery modules recovered after their automotive life. The aim ? To adapt to different needs by offering the appropriate power, thanks to the assembly of the desired number of betterPacks. Here is a closer look at this versatile and connected technology.

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what if we reused the batteries in a second life to move bicycles, carts or light boats

after a long automotive life, your battery is no longer powerful enough to propel your electric car? No problem, it will be very useful to electrify various mobility objects! In partnership with GreenVision, Mobilize gives batteries a second life.

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Reused and repurposed, batteries push their limits

Mobilize optimises battery duration by giving them multiple possible lives after their automotive life. And when the end comes, all is not lost ! With its expert partners Veolia and Solvay, Renault Group is developing new methods for recycling strategic battery materials and thus preserving resources to the maximum.

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