what if batteries could have a second life powering bikes, carts or small boats?

After their first life in electric cars has come to an end, batteries can be used to electrify mobile vehicles that, until now, have been powered by oil. For example, with this technology, electric airport buggies become silent and emission-free. By drawing on the expertise of its ecosystem of partners, Mobilize has become a pioneer of this new technology.

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It’s not only cars on major highways that should be powered by electricity. Many mobility objects, especially those used in enclosed spaces such as amusement parks or industrial sites, can benefit from electrification. Mobilize’s partner Green Vision is developing an ingenious technology to electrify these types of vehicles, without resorting to costly modifications, by reusing electric car batteries after their automotive life is over.


the battery, what is it?

What is a battery? How does it work? How are they made? What happens to them at the end of their life?  This episode of the Artefact video series tells you all about this essential link of low-carbon mobility!

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a vision of alternative forms of transport

Reconditioning electric vehicle batteries for reuse is the work of Green Vision. This startup reassembles the components of batteries to create new ones for use in other forms of transport. These transformed batteries can provide electrical power for a bike, or even a pizza delivery scooter. The reincarnation of these batteries definitely has its benefits.

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the first all-electric boat on the Seine

The company Seine Alliance has converted one of the vessels in its fleet, the “Black Swan”, into the first all-electric boat designed to navigate the Seine. The result of a partnership between Mobilize and integrator Green Vision, it is propelled by second-life batteries from electric vehicles. This is a project that heralds a new generation of “zero emissions” boats. Seine Alliance CEO Didier Spade answers our questions.

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