vehicles designed for services

Mobilize offers comprehensive mobility solutions which make every vehicle a true platform for services. Available for all vehicles, these services unfold their full potential on vehicles signed Mobilize. Designed for a specific use, each Mobilize vehicle provides the best possible mobility experience.

brand new modes of transport

To adapt to changing uses by both private individuals and professionals, Mobilize thinks and designs its vehicles differently, making them effective sustainable mobility tools tailored to the needs of each individual.


Compact, all-electric and connected, the Mobilize Duo “mini-car” is reinventing urban transportation. A world away from the private vehicle or traditional transport models, it is specifically designed for shared mobility.


To respond to the boom in small parcel delivery, Mobilize has developed Bento. With its one cubic meter container, compact design and connectivity, as well as its electric motor, it offers the ideal solution accessing city centres.

These two Mobilize vehicles represent the first building blocks of the range and epitomise solutions designed for precisely identified needs. What do they all have in common? They have been naturally designed for intensive use such as car-sharing or business travel, they are connected for optimal use in real time, they are perfectly suited to city life… and of course, their use is based on an integral package of complementary services.
“Mobilize has adopted a completely new approach to vehicle design, by being responsive to shifts in vehicle use towards greener, more effectively shared and more accessible mobility. Each mobility object is the heart of comprehensive, flexible, upgradable and adaptable services.”
Patrick Lecharpy
Mobilize’s design director

Mobilize vehicles are designed to meet the needs of not only transport professionals…

… and their users, but also the stakeholders involved in defining mobility in territories.

… but also the stakeholders involved in defining mobility in territories.