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For mobility to enter a new era that is decarbonized and shared, everyone must do their part. We are requested to change our way of doing things, to consume and travel differently.

But this evolution should never be a constraint. Mobilize commits to making available to everyone solutions that are not only sustainable, but simple and accessible as well.

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where do we stand on shared mobility?

where do we stand on shared mobility?

urban mobility adapts to the changes in ways of using and the demands of the ecological transition

ecological and accessible mobility?

ecological and accessible mobility?

users want to travel in a decarbonated way, without having to own their vehicle

why make the all-electric choice?

why make the all-electric choice?

the moment has come for us to change the way we travel

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For those of you who have chosen not to own a car but would like to rent one quickly for an hour or for a week. For those of you who want to opt for the means of transport that is the most appropriate for our time. For those of you who drive an electric car and don’t want to worry about distance or electricity bills.

For all of you, we have developed a unique ecosystem that brings together mobility services, smart charging and universal access to charging stations. And all this is just a click away on this page.

soon available, Mobilize smart charge puts artificial intelligence at your service to optimize your home charging costs while reducing your carbon footprint
Mobilize charge pass to access the largest network of electric charging stations in Europe and recharge your Renault and Dacia vehicle with a single card
soon, choose Mobilize power solutions for the installation of your electric charging station at your home


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an innovative way of tackling the challenges of urban delivery services

Mobilize co-constructing the future of last-mile delivery solutions in the field
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expo 2020 dubai: Mobilize takes you on a carbon-free journey

future mobility must be smart, greener, more accessible, shared more, by all and for all, everywhere in a more sustainable world.
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Mobilize develops concrete solutions to facilitate the ecological transition

the first Mobilize model, Limo is the response of our new brand to the evolution of the ride-hailing market.
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