key figures about the only car that’s not for sale

Mobilize Limo: what options for this new offering? who for? and most importantly, when’s it for?

That’s the expected market growth in Europe

The on-demand transport market, also known as ride-hailing and consisting mainly of taxis and chauffeur-driven cars, is moving to the next level. This market will weigh in at 50 billion euros by 2030, compared with 28 billion today.

Mobilize Limo is an electric sedan for professional drivers

The services that go with this vehicle meet the expectations of cities, drivers and customers alike: environment-friendliness, comfort and economy of use.

That’s the year the first Limos will come into service

40 vehicles will initially be rolled out with a specialised partner in Spain, before a broader marketing drive kicks in as from the second half of the year.

Around 450 km* of smooth, snappy driving

The Mobilize Limo’s range allows professional drivers to cover a day’s work without recharging… and of course without emissions and engine noise.

*WLTP range currently under approval

It takes no more than 40min to recover 250km

Mobilize Limo is compatible with ultra-fast charging stations (DC charging) and the most common conventional and fast charging stations in private and public areas (AC charging, especially on wallboxes).

Mobilize Limo dimensions

A generous form factor that, combined with fluid design, exudes true presence.

4,67 m
1,83 m
1,48 m

That’s how many electric controls are in the cockpit

Plus 2 steering wheel settings and multiple comfort features. Limo doesn’t skimp on its driver features.

They will be at the rear of Mobilize Limo like in their living room

288 mm knee radius, removable armrest, 2 USB sockets, 2 cup holders, audio settings, airflow and light settings.