Mobilize Bento, the small van that’s changing the game

Mobilize presents Bento, its micro utility vehicle that is 100% electric, ultra-compact and equipped with a cargo box. Its playground is urban and suburban areas, where requirements in terms of environmental friendliness and space are increasing. Mobilize Bento is aimed at professional customers who need a vehicle that is agile, practical and safe. 

  • electric vehicle
  • energy transition

why Mobilize Bento?

Because it’s important to improve the quality of life in the city, to reduce car congestion, particularly in city centres, to reorganise space, indeed to reallocate it to residents (roads, car parks, etc.). Easy for Mobilize Bento! Ultra-compact at 2.54 metres long and 1.30 metres wide, it doesn’t clutter up public space.


Because cities are committed to reducing pollution and fighting climate change. Mobilize Bento is the 100% electric solution! With zero noise and zero tailpipe emissions, it also has the advantage of being able to access all restricted traffic zones.


Because we’re consuming differently, particularly through online shopping, with more and more home deliveries being made at short notice. With its rear box, Mobilize Bento is the ideal vehicle for last-mile deliveries in town.


Because we are increasingly in need of local and on-demand services. The Mobilize Bento box enables small goods or light equipment to be carried and accessed by professionals in areas such as maintenance, upkeep and personal services.


“Mobilize Bento provides a solution for professionals in the community services sector, in the heart of the city and its surrounding areas, so that they can drive with zero emissions and zero noise, circulate more freely and work with greater peace of mind.”

Laurence Béchon – Mobility services director, Mobilize


Have you noticed that box at the back, like a “rucksack”, which gives it its distinctive design? Mobilize Bento is a single-seater vehicle with lots of features.



Mobilize Bento has a range of 140 kilometres, which makes it perfectly suited to urban and suburban use, with a speed of up to 80 km/h. Bento can be recharged using a standard (domestic) or type 2 plug and is therefore compatible with public and company charging points.

For added convenience and reassurance, the charging cable is fixed to the vehicle.


Mobilize Bento offers a useful load volume of 1m3, with a capacity of 700 litres in the closed box and 300 litres in the cabin. This practicality, combined with its compactness and agility, makes Bento perfectly suited to delivering goods and services in hyper-centres.


Professionals can personalise the bodywork and the box to make their Bento a real tool for promoting their name and expertise.


Professionals can easily find parking, as Mobilize Bento takes up only half of a standard parking space. This saves a considerable amount of time and energy, when numerous studies show that finding a parking space can take up to 30 minutes a week!


Mobilize Bento features native connectivity to make daily life and operations easier for professionals and to manage corporate fleets. The system provides real-time feedback on vehicle data such as battery charge, remaining range, mileage and location. Mobilize Bento’s “digital key”, which opens and starts the vehicle via smartphone, is useful for sharing vehicles within a team. Geolocation makes it possible to track Bento when it has changed user, or simply to find the place where it was parked. Finally, geofencing allows fleet managers to define a zone in which the use of the vehicle is authorised.


Mobilize Bento comes with an airbag as standard, which is unique in the quadricycle segment. What’s more, the passenger compartment is completely enclosed by elytra doors.


Mobilize Bento focuses on on-board comfort. Starting with thermal convenience: the vehicle is equipped with an air conditioning system, as well as a heated seat and windscreen. The dashboard is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, allowing immediate familiarisation with the vehicle. It includes an instrument screen, gearbox controls, a loudspeaker and a smartphone holder. A USB-C port for recharging mobile phones.


Mobilize Mobilize designs vehicles that are easy to use and maintain. On Mobilize Bento, the front and rear bumpers are the same. They can therefore be changed easily, which reduces costs and makes repairs quicker. Another example: a special plastic grain has been developed for the fascias and rocker panels to keep wear marks and scratches invisible. The interior is also easy to clean, with a simple wipe down.

Mobilize Bento, the single-seater, utility version of Mobilize Duo, packs maximum benefits into a minimum of space, offering tangible, useful benefits with a look that doesn’t take itself too seriously 

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