the blank page  the car design [chap. 1]

Artefact is the video series conceived by Mobilize that tells the story of mobility through its objects.

Discover the episode focused on the starting point of ideas, the blank sheet of paper. From the automobile object to mobility services, Artefact deciphers the evolution of design!

  • connectivity
  • design
  • shared mobility
  • transport on demand


This episode on the design for mobility is divided into two videos. Here, in the first chapter,  Artefact explains how design is adapting to people’s needs and is anticipating societal trends. It integrates the reduction of environmental impact as a parameter. And its seamless connected services accompany the user everywhere he goes, on board his vehicle, but not only.

Want to find out more? The second chapter will look in more detail at the shift from automotive design to mobility design…

the blank page the mobility design [chap. 2]

Go beyond the “car” object to conceive the automobile as a platform of services? Understand the mobility of people and goods in a complete and flexible way? Mobilize unveils its original approach to mobility design.

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Mobilize responds to the challenges and problems of travel in urban areas, designs a comprehensive experience, starts – not from the drawing board – but from the smartphone…

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