the blank page
[chap.2] the mobility design

Artefact is the video series conceived by Mobilize that tells the story of mobility through its objects.
Discover the episode focused on the starting point of ideas, the blank sheet of paper. From the automobile object to mobility services, Artefact deciphers the evolution of design!

  • connectivity
  • design
  • shared mobility
  • energy storage
  • energy transition
  • transport on demand
  • electric vehicle


This episode on the design for mobility is divided into two videos. Here, in the second chapter, Artefact makes a revelation: the car object is perhaps no longer the alpha and omega of mobility. Mobilize design takes into account all the touch points between the user and their mobility. From automotive design to service design, mobility is resolutely multifaceted: for people and for goods… on demand, car sharing, or even subscription.



Previously, in the first chapter, Artefact explained the evolution of car design…


the blank page
[chap. 1] the car design

The automobile, designed with the human being at its centre, is sometimes an extension of the individual. From car design to mobility design, the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the car are disappearing: the experience is becoming connected and seamless.

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