Mobilize Duo: joy on wheels

Mobilize Duo is more than just a car. It’s a mobile revolution. This compact, electric, connected and shared vehicle throws all the conventional automotive codes out the window to unveil a new way to get around the city. All the scooters, segways and urban three-wheelers better hold on tight! Mobilize Duo is mobility free of constraints and provides 8 key advantages.

  • connectivity
  • electric vehicle
  • energy transition
  • shared mobility

micro-vehicles dedicated to urban mobility

In its urban electric quadricycle version, Mobilize Duo offers 2 tandem seats (available as of 2024 via subscription or long-term rental).

Its utility version, Mobilize Bento, is fitted with a box providing 700 liters of useable capacity to accommodate long loads and meet the needs of artisans as well as all last-mile delivery professionals (available via long-term rental as of 2024).

an innovative design with a small ground footprint

At 2.43 meters long and 1.30 meters wide, Mobilize Duo is the perfect size to zip around downtown and is easy to park.

Three Duos can fit perpendicularly in a single standard parking space. A micro-vehicle with maximum benefits!

access to low emission zones in city centres (LEZ)

Need to get around town for a few days without having to recharge? Mobilize Duo is equipped with a lithium-ion battery which provides 140 km of driving range in real-life conditions(1).

The Duo cable is suited to standard charging, intended mainly for home use, or Type 2 charging used at the majority of public charging stations. Of course, Duo’s fully electric powertrain boosts its agility… and offers a perfectly silent ride with zero emissions(2).

open and connected electronic architecture

Mobilize Duo provides evolutionary built-in connectivity based on an open electronic architecture, made possible by the exchanging of data in real time.

Duo provides regular online services updated remotely using FOTA technology(3). It makes life easier, for the driver as well as the fleet manager.

eco-design inspired by the circular economy

The search for carbon neutrality, via the Mobilize offer, does not forget the preservation of natural resources. How? Duo has been designed according to the principles of the circular economy. Its goal is to use more than 50% recycled materials in its manufacturing and reach 95% recyclability at end-of-life.

Its parts and materials are designed to be repaired, refurbished and recycled in the Renault Group Refactory. With its stylish yet timeless as well as functional design, Duo is here to stay!

good driving for young people

Mobilize Duo is accessible from the age of 14(4), with no driver’s license required, for its “Duo 45” version with a top speed of 45 km/h.

The vehicle is more widely available to drivers with a license, and can reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h, more than enough for driving around peri-urban areas. Duo is thus for drivers from all generations.

packaged and customisable services

With a few simple clicks on a dedicated website, subscribe and enjoy 3 months of Mobilize Duo. Packages include all services, the manufacturer’s maintenance warranty, insurance and charging solutions, all at an optimum rate.

The monthly payments are scalable depending on the duration of the rental. You may then adjust your contract online directly according to your needs.

a playful and resolutely urban look

Mobilize Duo boasts a practical, robust and fun style, further brought to life by its retro-pop inspired cabin! It draws straight from 80s and 90s street culture.

To start, its dashboard is reminiscent of a “Ghetto Blaster”, an emblem of urban culture.

(1) pending WMTC certification; (2) excluding wear parts; (3) ”Firmware Over-The-Air” technology lets users upgrade software or firmware wirelessly; (4) depending on the country


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