Mobilize shares its vision for an ecological and accessible mobility at the Dubai 2020 World Expo

“Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” is the theme of this exhibition, held in Dubai from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. Three core values – boldness, optimism and collectiveness – are firmly upheld by the French pavilion, which are also perfectly aligned with Mobilize’s vision for greener transport. We will explain how.

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1) Dare to be bold

PAF mobilize dubai


You need to be bold to conquer the future, with the Mobilize brand unrivalled in that sense. Created by the Renault Group, Mobilize has been designed to fully tackle the challenges of the modern world, no matter how complex they may be. Its push towards “0 CO2” is embodied by the crossed out circle in its logo. The brand has therefore invested in new sectors and activities, drawing on an ecosystem that overlaps the realms of transport, technology and energy.


But this boldness requires investment and everyone must benefit from the testing of unchartered waters. Through its wide range and abundance of activities, Mobilize is currently pursuing two objectives, which, in its eyes, are inter-dependent: to achieve carbon neutrality and to improve everyone’s quality of life. One example of this is electric vehicles that certainly have their role to play in overcoming today’s challenges.


2) Grow in optimism

You know where you are heading, but your final destination may not be in sight. However, there is no need to panic; Mobilize is currently developing tools for the last leg of your journey, such as smart charging for electric vehicle users. Artificial intelligence reduces the cost of charging your car at home, as well as your carbon footprint. But that’s not all. Electric vehicles literally become an energy source for the entire grid, thanks to “vehicle-to-grid” technology. Mobilize aims to further develop this virtuous circle: to make batteries a key component of urban ecology in the decades to come, encouraging the production of low-carbon electricity from renewable energy sources by circumventing the issue of their intermittence.


Optimism is also the most realistic value upheld by Mobilize, which, through some of its key projects, responds to criticism levelled at lithium-ion batteries, whose lifespan is thought to be limited to that of the vehicle they power. But that is not the case when they are recycled, as the Renault Group is doing through its partnership with Solvay and Veolia. And above all not the case when a new post-automobile life is envisaged for these batteries, such as their re-use in energy storage devices. This may seem like a fantasy, but it isn’t. Launched in 2018 and carried out in France and Germany, the Advanced Battery Storage (ABS) project aims to use Renault ZOE batteries to reach a total installed capacity of 70 MWh.

3) Embrace the collective

Collectiveness is the key to future success. “Go on! Take the lead and go it alone!” Or should we say: “Follow the guides and work together! Because going it alone is no longer the answer.” We must collaborate to create the vehicles of tomorrow. To solve the transport conundrum, which means meeting increasingly varied needs, we must draw on and combine complementary, high-level expertise. It is with this in mind that Mobilize works together with local and regional authorities and transport sector players.


Mobilize is more than just a brand; it’s an ecosystem of projects, researchers and partners, from new start-ups to industry leaders such as BlaBlaCar, RATP or Uber, at the intersection of the worlds of transport, energy and data. Everyone, from individuals to the collective and to businesses, has a vested interest in the evolution of these practices, in order to improve our quality of life or to address environmental concerns.  “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”: challenge accepted! In Dubai or just round the corner.