mobile, simple, non-polluting, electrical storage in small units ticks all the boxes

Mobilize and the start-up betteries have developed modular and mobile energy storage units by reusing second-life batteries from electric vehicles. The aim is to replace objects traditionally powered by fossil fuels with electricity-powered objects. Combustion engine generators for example, which create too much pollution, will be consigned to the past!

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These turnkey, connected storage units called “betterPacks” can store electricity on a small scale. They can then be added to each other, at will, to achieve the required power according to the end use. Discover some of the solutions already developed within the Mobilize ecosystem to make optimal use of green electricity, no matter where on the map.

giving a second life to the battery of the electric car

Amaury Gailliez is Battery Business and Operations Director for the Mobilize brand. What’s one of his main tasks? Giving a second life to your electric car battery, often for stationary use. It charges when the sun shines and the wind blows, so that no kilowatt of green electricity is lost.
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why upcycle electric car batteries?

Since 2000, the number of lithium-ion batteries being produced has increased 80-fold. Mobilize and betteries are committed to extending the lifespan and reducing the carbon footprint of these batteries. What’s the first challenge? Ensuring that batteries remain useful after having powered an electric car. They’re ideal for the second-hand market!
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a clean, mobile and silent generator

The betterGen produces up to 230 volts of pollution-free electricity and can be recharged via a solar panel. Versatile and mobile, it’s perfect for outdoor use, for example, to power a food truck or different types of festival equipment. And of course, it’s also silent when in operation.
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