power new mobilities

Today, societal changes are accelerating in cities and regions. Consumers have new expectations regarding their travel, relying more on the use of mobility than on car ownership. To protect our environment, our journeys must now be low-carbon, quieter and cleaner. This is the common thread of Mobilize’s action.
With Mobilize, enter the era of carsharing, smart charging and Big Data at the service of sustainable mobility.

comprehensive and flexible services adapted to each need

Mobilize is a complete ecosystem that brings together the best of tech, engineering, design, services and finance, based on the expertise of the Renault Group, its start-ups and partners. Our comprehensive range of services powers mobility for individuals, companies, and operators of passenger transport and goods delivery.

For private users
With Mobilize, charge your electric car wherever your are: at home with Mobilize Power Solutions, or on the go with Mobilize Charge Pass. Mobilize also operates car-sharing services around the world. Stay tuned !

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For businesses
Accelerate your shift towards electric mobility with Mobilize Power Solutions and discover energy storage with second-life batteries.

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For taxi fleet
iCabbi, a Mobilize Company, provides taxi operators with a software suite including app and voice booking services, a dispatch platform and a mobile app for drivers.
New: with Mobilize Taxi Solutions powered by iCabbi, taxi companies now have access to a packaged offer including a 100% electric Nissan Leaf and additional services such as maintenance and tyres.

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Mobilize for Businesses

Mobilize Power Solutions

Mobilize Power Solutions provides comprehensive electric vehicle charging solutions that can be implemented within all types of businesses and organisations – from sole traders to corporates, from fleet & leasing companies through to local authorities and from car dealer forecourts to football clubs.

So, whatever your need or the size of your business, we can manage all or part of your project and our bespoke turnkey solutions can be adapted to every business’s budget or requirement.

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Energy Storage

Mobilize develops modular and mobile energy storage units by reusing batteries from electric vehicles in second life. The goal is to replace objects traditionally powered by fossil fuels with objects powered by electricity. No more, for example, thermal engine generators, too polluting!

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a unique offer for taxi companies

With Mobilize Taxi Solutions powered by iCabbi, going electric has never been so easy. In addition to the iCabbi Fleet management platform, Taxi companies now have access to a unique bundled offer for their drivers.

Financing contract for a 100% electric Nissan Leaf

Maintenance contract including wear & tear, and tyres

Access to the iCabbi platforms including app and voice booking services, a dispatch platform and a mobile app for drivers.


Discover all the features of Mobilize Taxi Solutions powered by iCabbi on icabbi.com
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