5 tips for charging an electric vehicle more easily

The technology related to electric mobility may discourage private and public players who want to shift to carbon-neutral energy.

Mobilize Power Solutions, the European specialist in electric charging for business and private customers, offers a range of services designed to make rolling out a fleet of electric vehicles easy.

Installation of charging points, supervision, maintenance, access badges to public terminals, … learn about Mobilize’s tips and solutions for more easily charging your electric vehicle anytime.

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tip 1/ Set up profitable charging points at your office building


For a private or public player, it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to installing or improving a network of electric vehicle charging points. Mobilize Power Solutions makes it easy for its clients by installing charging points and then maintaining them over time to maximize its performance. Its offerings are tailored to each situation to prevent unnecessary over-investments.


For example, Mobilize Power Solution’s teams have installed charging points on all Renault Retail Group’s sites. “With our expertise, we’ve been able to cut the project’s installation costs by 40%,” explains Nicolas Schottey, Executive Manager of Mobilize Power Solutions.


Mobilize Power Solutions takes care of the turnkey deployment of all charging stations, as well as the maintenance and operation of the charging service, including the equipment already in place. Some of the installed, older generation, charging stations may be obsolete. The Mobilize Power Solutions teams ensure, during their audits, that the installed stations still correspond to the current and future needs of the customers.


Thus, by advising its customers on the equipment, the uses and the pricing policy, the Mobilize brand guarantees them a good profitability of the charging points. It also ensures that the frequency of use of the charging points is improved thanks to the strategic choice of visible and easily accessible locations.

tip 2/ Opt for easy-to-use charging points


Driving an electric car is really nice. But plugging it in to charge the battery can be kind of a hassle. Mobilize Power Solutions is there to make this experience as simple and easy as possible,” explains Nicolas Schottey.“We aim at providing cheap and easy-to-use charging points. The objective is to meet the “right needs” of our customers. It is not necessary to go towards the recharging technology race, but rather to focus on simplicity of use.”


Mobilize Power Solutions meets the charging needs of company vehicles, whether on business premises or elsewhere. For employees who are not often at the office, such as sales staff, businesses can turn to Mobilize Power Solutions to offer charging solutions adapted to each employee’s home. “We also need to find smart solutions for installing charging points at the homes of employees who may move or change companies”.

tip 3/ Analyze the data to improve charging infrastructures


Mobilize Power Solutions also analyzes needs and prospective studies for municipalities. For example, the Versailles area wants to promote sustainable transportation within its borders. In this framework, officials provided Mobilize Power Solutions with a study for a mapping of needs in terms of charging points and for an evaluation of residents’ interest in car-sharing by 2025.


“Our algorithms allow us to process many types of data, such as the number of charging points the area already has, and the ones that are used the most often. Then we analyze these results using our extensive expertise with usages. For Versailles, we took into account neighboring towns to place charging points in outlying areas. A user who picks up their vehicle in front of their home may need to be able to park near their office in the next town,” says Nicolas Schottey.


By mapping out in great detail the area covered by Versailles, Mobilize Power Solutions was able to recommend the installation of 180 recharging stations, along with recommended locations, between now and 2025 to facilitate the population’s shift to electric transportation, especially in residential areas without many mass transit options.

tip 4/ Enjoy a dense network of charging points on public and internal roads


Today there are nearly 500,000 electric charging points across Europe. And by 2030, this network will become even denser. Although it’s increasingly easy to use a charging point, it isn’t yet quite the same as flicking open an “instant up” tent when you get to a campground. Newcomers to electric vehicles always have the same questions. Can I use any of the chargers? How do I pay?


Mobilize Power Solutions offers its business customers the Mobilize Business Pass, a recharging badge that allows access to the charging points installed within the company, and also to more than 400,000 public charging stations in Europe. The advantages are numerous for the fleet manager, who receives a monthly invoice directly with all the recharges made by employees during their travels, and who can control his/her budget thanks to the various possible settings: access to certain specific networks, definition of a limit in kWh or in euros, etc.

tip 5/ Recharge your electric vehicles using solar energy?


Mobilize Power Solutions is also striving to make the energy consumed by electric vehicles even greener. The brand proposes to connect the charge points to energy from photovoltaic panels. The aim is to inject more power, avoiding as far as possible a complete overhaul of the customer’s electrical installation.


The terminals installed in company premises are thus supplied with an increasing proportion of green energy. Present in the main European countries, the Mobilize brand strives for easy access and increasingly low-carbon mobility.

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