the battery
[chap. 2] what are its super-powers?

Artefact is the video series conceived by Mobilize that tells the story of mobility through its objects.
Discover the episode focused on the battery of the electric vehicle. Artefact tells you all about this essential link of low-carbon mobility!

  • electric vehicle
  • energy storage
  • energy transition


This episode on the battery is broken down into two videos. Here, in the second chapter, Artefact invite you to discover the batteries’ superpowers in the service of the electric grid. Charging your electric vehicle while reducing its impact, is it possible? What is the “second life of batteries”? Mobilize shares its solutions to make the electric vehicle batteries a boost for the energy transition.



Previously, in the first chapter, Artefact explained the manufacture and operation of batteries. Check it out!


the battery
[chap. 1] what is it?

What is a battery? How does it work? How are they made? What happens to them at the end of their life? With Mobilize, the basics of electric vehicle batteries will no longer hold any secrets for you!

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