connectivity working to support low-carbon mobility and energy consumption: Mobilize at your service

To promote carbon neutrality, Mobilize is putting data at the service of mobility and energy. Digital is everywhere, at the core of everyday apps and platforms for professionals. Here’s an explanation in figures!

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  • electric vehicle
  • energy transition
  • shared mobility


with smart charging, you pay 15% less for your top-ups at home*

Currently available in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Mobilize Smart Charge controls electric vehicle charging intelligently. This app also helps to keep the electrical grid balanced. It promotes the use of renewable energies by compensating for their intermittency. Budget wise, Mobilize Smart Charge also supports off-peak hours, with financial rewards for smart green electricity use.


instantly manage your vehicle fleet on the iCabbi digital platform!

Because it computes customer routes and driver availability in real time, iCabbi optimises fleet management for taxi and chauffeur-driven vehicle companies. A Mobilize partner since 2018, this Irish company uses the cloud to deliver an automated solution designed to meet the expectations of passengers, drivers and managers alike. A fleet performance analysis tool thanks to the data collected – iCabbi Insights – is also available.


book your Zity car-sharing vehicle whenever you want!

Thanks to the Zity by Mobilize app available on Android and Apple store, you can rent an electric car whenever you want, at any time. Operational in Madrid, Lyon and Milan, Zity by Mobilize convinces its customers, the “Zityzens”, thanks to its ease of use and efficiency.


equip your vehicles and manage your fleet with!

With more than 6,700 vehicles already equipped with the technology in 150 projects across the globe, Mobilize subsidiary is targeting businesses, mobility operators and car rental companies who want to expand the use of car sharing through digital tools. The principle? To optimise car pools, is developing a technology that is compatible with all vehicle types. This 100% digital platform is linked to on-board units that monitor each vehicle in real time.


travel light across Europe with Mobilize Charge Pass

The Mobilize Charge Pass app delivers access to a network of over 600,000 charge points across 25 European countries. It lets users locate the nearest recharging station with an available charge point compatible with their vehicle, shows the tariffs and displays the route to get there. Once the car is plugged in, a charging session can be started with Mobilize Charge Pass. Only a single payment cardrequired for all charge point operators – no subscription. 


for one hour’s vehicle rental in Ikea car parks

Can’t get your Ikea furniture into your car? Just download the Mobilize Share app to your smartphone and let it guide you. Mobilize rents a van, from 15 euros per hour, directly on Ikea car parks. The two brands are partnering to provide this service. With just a few clicks, a selfie and some information to provide (driving licence, etc.), users are done registering in 15 minutes max.  


the number of vehicles already eligible for the battery certificate is constantly increasing!

Thanks to its technology based on driving and charging data provided by the electric vehicle’s Battery Management System (BMS), Mobilize launched the “battery certificate” in December 2021. This document attests to an electric vehicle battery’s remaining energy capacity. By February 2022, the battery certificate covered 175,000 cars and that figure is set to rise. Accessible from a smartphone and the internet, the certificate is aimed at users of vehicles from the Renault and Dacia electric E-TECH family (Megane, Zoe, Kangoo, Twingo and Spring). What’s the main benefit of this innovation? Increasing the residual value of used electric vehicles by reassuring the buyer about their battery capacity.

* Typical savings calculated on the basis of charging a Megane E- tech 100% electric (60 kWh) car in France from a mains socket under a “peak/off-peak” utility contract (with a difference of 2 cents between the two tariffs) through 100% use of the Mobilize Smart Charge service in off-peak hours only (based on a kWh tariff of 17 cents) and an annual consumption of 2,600 kWh (i.e. 20,000 km/year, or 43 full battery recharges).

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