the smartphone
[chap. 1] a mobility facilitator

Artefact is the video series conceived by Mobilize that tells the story of mobility through its objects.

Discover the episode focused on the Swiss army knife of modern times, the smartphone. Artefact shows us how it facilitates mobility, but also how it optimises it, including reducing its impact on the environment.

  • connectivity
  • electric vehicle
  • shared mobility
  • transport on demand


The episode about the smartphone and mobility is divided into two videos. Here, in the first chapter, Artefact explains how the smartphone simplifies electric mobility, whether it is individual, with one’s own vehicle, or whether it is shared, with a rented or car-sharing car, or even on-demand, via the use of a taxi or a chauffeur-driven vehicle. Access to tailor-made mobility is now just a tap away!



Want to find out more? The second chapter will go into more detail
about the benefits of optimised mobility thanks to the smartphone.


the smartphone
[chap. 2] towards ever more sustainable mobility

The smartphone is not only a practical and comfortable tool that allows everyone to enjoy the most appropriate mobility. On a larger scale, it is also a connected object that may optimise journeys, energy flows, resource consumption, etc.

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