the electric car range anxiety, what about it?

The success of electric vehicles has prompted new questions about the automobile and mobility. Among them, range is the first thing drivers consider before choosing a car. New uses have also given rise to a new syndrome: range anxiety, i.e. the fear of not finding an available charging station before the vehicle slows down. This anxiety is closely linked to a lack of knowledge about electric vehicles. So relax, fasten your seat belt and start the car. In five points, we show you that there’s no need to stress out when driving an electric vehicle.

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1: Think of how you use your car every day

According to the International Energy Agency’s Global Electric Vehicles Outlook 2022*, the range of electric vehicles has grown by 65%, from 211 km in 2015 to 350 km in 2022, an increase of 139 km.
This is reassuring, especially in Europe, where it is estimated that 75% of drivers travel less than 50 km a day. Most daily trips are just a few kilometers.

2: Set up a home charging station

Stopping at a gas station is now a thing of the past.  Your vehicle is usually charged at home or the workplace.  This is a concrete way to control your range and costs.
It’s getting easier to set up home charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles. Mobilize Power Solutions gives you customized support when installing your equipment at home, with no surprises and at a fixed price, as soon as you purchase your electric car.   Using artificial intelligence, the Mobilize Smart Charge app optimizes your vehicle’s charging time based on off-peak rates and less carbon. It’s a win-win situation

3: Drive economically

Range is also a matter of responsibility and behavior behind the wheel.
Whatever the kind of car, driving economically will add several kilometers. An electric vehicle’s range tends to decrease above the speed of 100/kph. To avoid this, press your car’s “eco” button to limit power consumption by optimizing the comfort and dynamism aspect.
What’s more, some features are found only in electric cars. For example, Renault’s electric vehicles can be heated before getting inside when they’re still plugged into the charging station, which relieves the battery and increases the range once on the road.

4: Trust connectivity to access a maximum of stations

The EU aims to install one million public charging stations by 2024 and three million by 2029, creating a dense, interoperable network that should quickly ease the fear of breaking down whatever the destination.
And if you’re impatient, the Mobilize Charge Pass app is already available, with access to over 260,000 charging stations in 25 European countries. Your smartphone displays a trip-planner showing the locations of the charging stations available on your route and compatible with your vehicle. The integrated badge lets you start charging straight away regardless of the station used, like a universal key, and to pay for the charge without needing to subscribe beforehand.

5: Adopt a perfect range of action through tailor-made mobility

Behind the search for smoother, more stress-free driving lies the idea of leaving the traditional model of vehicle ownership behind and using a vehicle geared to needs and contexts. The issue of range then becomes relative.
A small city car is enough for daily commutes. For business trips, think about car-sharing, especially in closed loops. Your quick hops into town can be done easily by free-floating, i.e. self-service car-sharing. And if you’re taking your family on vacation, a larger rental car would be readily available. Is this a dream? Not anymore.
Mobilize is the first mobility player to resolutely turn towards this notion of use by backing it up with services that can be activated to meet financing, insurance, maintenance, car sharing and charging needs. So you can enjoy the pleasure of electric driving without having to worry about running out of power.


* IEA, Number of available electric car models and driving range by type, 2015-2021