individual mobility: a change of gear

The transport landscape has never been quite as dynamic as it is today. The vast range of transport solutions and mobility apps that are currently available now allow everyone to take the driving seat when embarking on a journey. Real-life Mario Kart game, anyone?! Car subscription services, on-demand rental, multimodal transport solutions, shared mobility… What matters most is no longer the type of transport we choose, but rather the effect our travel decisions have on easing traffic congestion and in turn reducing the associated greenhouse gas emissions. Keen to secure pole position in the race to travel more sustainably? Mobilize offers a range of solutions that are guaranteed to be right up your street! Time for a closer look.

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Zity by Mobilize: the any time, any place urban car-sharing service

Based on the ‘free floating’ principle, which allows vehicles to be dropped off and picked up anywhere at all, Zity gives drivers access to 1,300 all-electric self-service vehicles (Renault Zoés and Dacia Springs) scattered around the streets of several major European cities, including Madrid, Paris, Lyon and Milan. Short-term car-sharing has never been so easy! Because Zity by Mobile is also an application to locate, book, unlock and return a vehicle, all with a simple tap of the screen.

Mobilize Share: the country-wide flexible car-sharing solution

Need a vehicle for 1 hour, 1 day or 1 month? Renting a vehicle that suits your ad hoc needs is easy with the Mobilize Share app. Car-share vehicles can be picked up from numerous designated locations that are part of the Renault Group network… meaning there’s sure to be one somewhere nearby! This means that any trip can be managed without hassle-free!

Bipi: the “on-demand” personal car rental service

Built around the principle of a platform that provides access to a vast range of vehicles, Bipi allows users to swap their car at will to suit their current needs and desires. The monthly subscription is all-inclusive, covering the rental charge, insurance, maintenance, assistance, etc. It can be easily managed and adjusted online as and when required. Offering a brand-new approach to the way cars are used, Bipi gives everyone easy access to the perfect individual mobility solution without having to buy a car.

Mobilize Fleet Monitoring: your corporate car fleet at a glance

The Mobilize Fleet Connect Iris Live service is a fully integrated car fleet management system that allows fleet managers to keep a watchful eye on their vehicles by giving them real-time remote access to all the data each vehicle has generated. It offers the perfect way of tracking each car’s usage rate, calculating fuel consumption, and assessing the ageing of each fleet… enabling fleet managers to make better informed decisions.

Mobilize Driver Solutions: the all-inclusive solution for chauffeurs

For 3 months or 3 years, Driver Solutions gives private chauffeurs and taxi drivers access to the Mobilize Limo, an all-electric luxury sedan accompanied by a full range of related services that can be tailored to their requirements: maintenance, insurance, guarantees, etc. The aim? Encourage professional drivers to sign up for the Mobilize package rather than buying a vehicle themselves, with a view to simplifying their business and making it more cost-effective.

Mobilize Duo and Bento: a new take on cars

Veritable urban micro-vehicles, the Duo and Bento provide a brand-new, all-electric and connected way to get from A to B. The Duo is a two-seater quadricycle that can nip around the city streets with ease. Both a car-sharing version and a no-licence version will be available when the solution is launched at the end of 2023. The Bento is the utility version that is due to hit the market in 2024. This particular model boasts a 700-litre box on the back, making it the perfect solution for last-mile deliveries. Constraint-free urban mobility at its best! Just like the Limo, the Duo and Bento will not be available for purchase: they will be marketed as a subscription package that includes a comprehensive range of services.