Zity by Mobilize, a 100% electric car share

Zity by Mobilize is an electric car-sharing service with no terminals or stations. It is a mobility solution that helps to reduce traffic congestion and encourages the use of more environmentally-friendly car share.

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Check 1: meeting the needs of major cities

Launched in 2017, Zity (renamed Zity by Mobilize in 2021) is a car-sharing service operating in 3 major European cities: Madrid, Lyon and Milan. 

For major cities, such a service meets the travel needs of their residents with a solution that is accessible, environmentally friendly and complementary to existing transport services. 

To use the Zity by Mobilize service, all you have to do is download the free, dedicated application onto a smartphone to locate, reserve, open, lock and return a Dacia Spring, as well as pay for your journey. This ultra-flexible service is available without subscription. This ease of use is designed to encourage a shift from ownership to sharing, i.e. getting a vehicle when you really need it.

Check 2: more restrictions on city centre access

In terms of new mobility in the centres of large cities, Madrid is a pioneer. With four operators in place by 2017, Madrid’s car-sharing offer is among the most advanced in Europe. It was a development pushed along by city policies like the “Madrid Central” plan adopted at the end of 2018, which encourages the use of public transport or lower-impact options, such as bicycles. By offering a 100% electric carsharing service, Zity by Mobilize gives the ability to drive in the heart of Madrid and in low-emission zones. 

zity by mobilize

Check 3: electric car sharing service, a trend in Europe

Electric carsharing is a means of relieving congestion in city centres, all while meeting the need to improve the quality of life in urban areas. 

As part of the Renault Group, a pioneer in electric vehicles in Europe, Mobilize sees mobility as a set of services designed around the vehicle and is involved in developing electric car-sharing services. 

Nearly 1 200 Dacia Spring are available for car sharing via Zity by Mobilize in Madrid, Lyon and Milan. 


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