Mobilize Iléo Concept, the urban development that turns charging electric vehicles into a matter of course

Recharging one’ s mobile phone, which has become an essential part of everyday life, is not a problem. Why should recharging a car be? Patrick Lecharpy, Mobilize Design Director, and Patrick Jouin, Urban Design Specialist, explain us how Iléo Concept was born out of the observation of the use of new forms of mobility, particularly electric and shared forms.

  • brand vision
  • electric vehicle
  • shared mobility


Mobilize offers an urban development concept that brings energy closer to where it is needed. Mobilize Iléo Concept not only allows you to recharge your car, but also to take advantage of this break to sit down, read, or enjoy a moment of conviviality, sheltered from the rain or heat. Easily identifiable from afar and harmoniously integrated into the city, this street furniture creates a real landscape.